One Step at a Time

by Michael Fong, at Leap yoga – Folsom Ca.

The mornings during my 10-day Vipassana meditation course felt like I was going to trek a mountain so high that I could not see the top of the peak. This sinking feeling in my guts became heavier knowing that I had nine more mountains to climb after the one right in front of me. I wouldn’t have made it through the entire 10 days if I maintained this feeling of being overwhelmed. Dwelling on the fact that I had to sit for 11 hours each day made me anxious. I decided to zoom in my perspective and concentrate on the present moment. When the gong sounded at 4am, I would simply focus on getting my feet out of bed and down to the floor. That momentum carried me to taking me one step at a time towards the meditation hall. Arriving to my designated meditation spot was one of the biggest hurdles in the training. I just needed to keep showing up.


The process starting my day back home in Sacramento mirrors what I did in Vipassana. Lately, I have been waking up around 430am to begin my morning ritual. The early mornings in the 10-day meditation showed me that this type of discipline delivers bountiful rewards. I have developed the will power to put one foot in front of the other. There is so much strength in a single step and there is great freedom in the continuation and longevity of small progress. I am doing my best to keep up this good habit. Did I say that this isn’t easy for me? I don’t really remember because I am feeling a little sleep deprived. It is not easy, but totally worth it!

Michael Fong.

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