Leap is with Yoga Support.

 Leap Proud to Partner with Yoga Support.


You will sometimes see that some of our events are specifically tailored to Yoga Support.  We have one coming up on October 29th with Hanna at 12.30 to 2.00pm.  We also have teachers donate class proceeds to this fine cause.

In this regard we thought it appropriate to post a little from their website explaining the very fine work they do to help brain injury patients recover through the use of Yoga.

They help brain surgery patients get their lives back through tailored yoga curriculums designed specifically for them, providing the connection of specially educated teachers and teachings at an affordable cost.

The goal is to have a community of brain surgery patients which are back to work full time, anxiety, depression, and PTSD free, not dependent on disability or pharmaceutical drugs.

They have a specialized team that help patients across the United States who have had brain surgery to rehab and get their lives back through the use of restorative yoga, meditation, breath work and vinyasa yoga.

Hospitals and physical therapists across the US refer patients to their program after surgery and they connect each patient with a partner teacher at a local studio or online through Skype.  This is where Leap Yoga comes in. Each patient receives three partially subsidized sessions weekly for three months, working through a specialized yoga curriculum designed to reduce stress, anxiety and PTSD, relearn balance, gain stamina and take a new path to their new lives.

This is such a fine cause, led by wonderful, caring people.  We are happy and eager to help and encourage you to attend Hanna’s class on the 29th of October at 12.30pm.

Should you wish to find out more about Yoga support, visit their website: www.yogasupport.org



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