Access Your Inner Pharmacy Learn to Heal Using Your Five Senses

Learn to Heal Using Your Five Senses with Rochelle Barcellona

Sunday, April 2nd 1-3pm
$20 advanced $25 day of

The Doctor is In & the Doctor is You

Access Your Inner Pharmacy
Learn to Heal Using Your Five Senses

Ayurveda, the a 5,000-year-old consciousness-based healing system founded in ancient India, teaches us that our five sense organs — our ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose are the gateways through which our outer environment enters into our inner environment. We not only perceive the environment through our senses, but we digest it as well. The impressions we take in through sound, touch, taste, sight and smell can have either a nourishing or a harmful effect on the substance of our mind in the same way the food we eat can either nourish or weaken our bodily tissues. In this workshop meditation teacher and Chopra Center certified Perfect Health: Ayurveda Lifestyle instructor Rochelle Barcellona will take you on an exploration of ways to nourish ourselves through our senses in order to create harmonious integration between our body, mind, soul, senses, and environment.
 Take-aways from this workshop include:
  •  How to use sound as a powerful healing modality
  •  How touch is fundamental to health and well-being
  • How visual patterns and colors have powerful effects on the mind
  • Experience with primordial sound and shri yantra meditation
  • How feelings, like food, come in a variety of flavors
  • How aromas can trigger the healing power within
  •  How laughter is great medicine
Bring your mat and any additional cushion you may want to sit on. We have plenty of blankets for your use.

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