Awaken: A Spring Equinox Celebration

Rise & Shine with Allie Rae
A Spring Equinox Celebration 
Date: Sunday, March 19th, 2017
Time: 1-3pm
Investment: $10 advance / $15 on the day.
“When one flower blooms spring awakens everywhere” ~ John O’Donohue
Spring Equinox marks the passing of Winters dark, stagnant days and the re-emergence of Light, where the days become longer and the birth of vegetation begins once again. As a Sacred turning point in the wheel of the year, it is a time to prepare the fertile ground of our bodies and minds to plant new seeds of Intention (Sankalpa), Cleanse out impurities and become a Clear Vessel of Wisdom and Light.
This Special 2 hour Celebration class will call on the Direction of the East, the House of Air, and use a combination of Sacred Movement, Breath, Meditation and Mantra to bring Regeneration, Rebirth and Transformation ~ helping us to prepare for a New Beginning.


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