Finding Joy Through Meditation

Joy is Truth.

Sat Nam.

Within you is a fountain of joy, within you is an ocean of bliss! 

— Swami Sivananda

When I think of the word Joy I think of deeply genuine smiles, gut barreling belly laughter, music that sends chills up my spine and words that elicit tears of happiness.

I feel joy when my kids tell me they love me out of the blue or reach for my hand for no reason at all.  I feel joy when I catch my husband looking at me with that look I’ve known since we first met or watching my dog chase wild turkeys and rabbits through the weeds and shrubs that engulf her, ears flapping in the wind.  I feel joy just thinking of dark chocolate cake, with coffee, rich and creamy.

However, there is a deeper layer of joy that I am beginning to understand.  I find this joy when I meditate; when I close my eyes and go deep inside my body.  I arrive here mostly during yoga, but sometimes I find joy while journaling.  I find it alone, in nature, or lying on my bed and listening to the rain fall outside my open window.

This type of joy is inward out joy.  It comes from some place so deep inside of me that it arises in a way that shows me it’s always there.  It’s not situational available.  It’s always there, but it does require me to be present, grounded and still.  It finds me. I don’t look for it.  If I open myself to it and see that it was waiting for me I am joyful that I have found it.  There is no looking.  There is no struggle to find it.

This inner experience of joy makes me grateful and fills me with feelings of contentment and gratitude.  In a state of joy I can fully embrace my favorite mantra…”I have all I need for all I need right now.”   Doubt is erased.  I trust. I feel blessed and alive.

I recognize my true self is joyful.  My true self is also kind, loving, patient, accepting, passionate, calm, and super fun to hang out with.  Joy makes me beautiful, not in a vain or superficial way.  It makes me beautiful in the way that my presence alone brings vibrancy.  In the same way you are beautiful too.  It is simply amazing.

We know that meditation stimulates the parts of our brain that expand our loving compassion for ourselves and for others.  We know it helps us to pause before we react and use more conscious choice in our decision-making.  It slows our reaction time in times of struggle.  A consistent meditation practice lowers the flood of cortisol and down regulates our nervous system.  It does much, much more and is full of amazing things!   All of this reassures me that meditation is a good thing, but the most compelling validation is that my day is better when I meditate and my life improves with my practice.

Come join me at my upcoming meditation workshop learn how you too can arrive in sweet meditational bliss.  Please check the website for details on my November workshop.  I hope to see you there!




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