Conflict to Cooperation

Conflict To Cooperation

Through Conscious Parenting we can build pathways to connection.

Do you want more peace and calm in your home?
Do you find yourself raising your voice more often than you would like to admit?
Do you feel like your child is constantly pushing your buttons?

Please join G’anna Burke for an interactive and eye-opening look at parenting. You will leave this talk with a new perspective and information on:

  • Parenting paradigms alive in the world currently
  • What is going on in your child’s brain when they are upset
  • What brain science tells us about emotional intelligence
  • How to gain natural cooperation from your child
  • The one tool missing in your parenting toolbox
  • How Conscious Parenting leads to connection with your child

Come learn some new parenting skills in this safe and supportive environment where we will explore the worlds toughest and most rewarding job: Parenting

G’anna Burke is a Certified Conscious Parenting Guide and a mother to two active children. She is committed to helping parents create peaceful, connected relationships with their children that will last a lifetime. She works with parents one on one, in groups and workshop settings.

Sunday, October 2nd

$10 Advance Registration / $13 Day of Event

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