How Far is Too Far?

There is a common question among most students; how far is too far? People are uncertain about how to find their edge in a yoga practice and when to back off. There is a simple answer to this question. The answer is your breath. Breath is one of the best ways to gauge and moderate how far you can challenge yourself and when you should pull the reins to slow down and pause.

Yoga is a practice of breath, observation, and discernment. We learn to become a witness to our breath within a state of controlled stress to discern the things we can change from the things we cannot change. Breath is your best teacher because it encapsulates the essence of yoga; the union of duality and oneness. Your breath can be a voluntary or involuntary action, and yet this process comes from a single place: you! By better understanding the process of breathing, you can learn to identify how much tension you can release without obstructing the integrity of your body.

Follow your breath wherever you go. The quality of your breath represents the quality of your living. The next time you get confused if you should challenge yourself or step back, just tell yourself one thing….BREATHE!

Take care and keep breathing!

Michael Fong



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