7-Day Cleanse – 2016

Join Stacy Whittingham and Leap Yoga for a 7-day guided, supported, group cleanse. The changing of the seasons is a perfect time to clean out, letting go of the old and making room for what’s new. This transformational week of cleansing is designed to promote wellness and awakening of mind, body, and spirit, bringing more vitality and creativity to your life. This whole foods based cleanse is suitable for anyone interested and open to improving their health. We will offer guidelines that can be tailored to suit your personal goals for the week.

Let Food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.

Includes: Two group gatherings, Specific Guidelines for Eating and Nutritional Support, Tea Samples, Recipes, Journal, Mineral Salts, and Natural Herbs.

Investment: $89 advance registration, $99/door
Special pricing if you sign up for the Detox Flow. Get Both workshops for $105 in advance, $115 day of.

Initial Gathering: January 17th, 1pm-2:30pm
Completion Ceremony and Potluck: January 24the, 1pm-2:30pm

Sign Up

*Couples and immediate family members – buy one cleanse & receive 50% discount on additional immediate family members. (Special pricing for detox flow & cleanse week does not apply)
*Students who have participated in a previous cleanse at Leap receive 20% off the advance registration. No discounts day of.



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