Arm Balance and Inversion Clinic

Join Corey for a two hour long jump-back, jump-through, and hop up workshop! Experience how to use your body type, your natural abilities, and special adjustments so you can learn to do that handstand, forearm stand, crow, or any other pose you have been wanting to try! Corey pays special attention to each student that attends, because all of us have different body types, so all the poses can be achieved, just in different ways for each person. Corey will also speak about what stops us from trying the inversion. If you know Corey, this will be another fun and challenging workshop, but also a great way to connect with the community you practice with. If you have specific questions for Corey please feel free to email him at, or simply ask when you attend his next class.

Cost: $29
**$35 day of sign up




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