Divine Relationships

Divine Relationships

A beautiful, divine relationship with our soulmate is something we all deeply long for, and essentially need. Many of us, however, seem to struggle with our  relationships in one way or another.

We find that daily life eats away from the romantic energy that was there when we first began our relationship and dampens the fire of the attraction from the first blissed out weeks.

The little things that were cute in the beginning become a major disturbance.

We stop talking to each other about what is really important to us and deep and  meaningful communication becomes something we just have with our best friend.

Even though our spouse may be the person we love the most, it is this person we hurt the most, or vice versa.

We may want so badly for our partner to change this one bad habit, but they just don’t.

Or, we get angry at each other for minuscule reasons.

The list could be continued…right?

Why is it so difficult?

While there are many good therapists, books, and strategies that offer great relationship advice and practical help, one missing aspect of why we find maintaining a harmonious relationship so complicated is understanding and cultivating the spiritual and energetic part of our relationship.

Energy influences your life on many different levels, and spills into all our relationships. Energies from our past, our karmas, that are stored on the soul level, keep playing out until they are finally resolved.

Then, there is the energy from all the past relationships we had, that stays with us until we can remove it on a deep energetic level.

The relationship we have with our parents, especially our mother, is the deepest, most energetic bond we have in our lives, and it has a great impact on how we live our present relationships.

Everyday we deal with the energy that stays with us from the interactions we have with other people throughout the day. This can create imbalances in us that we inevitably bring home to our family.

The energy from the full and new moon impacts our relationship tremendously, especially if we choose the wrong timings to be intimate.

A lack of unconditional love and mutual understanding can cause constant friction and leads to dissatisfaction and frustration.

The energy of a broken heart caused by an earlier partner, or other traumatic events in our life, can lead to ending a relationship, or never beginning a new one.

We tend to have a deep misunderstanding and unrealistic expectations of the concept of soulmates.

And on top of that, the media tells us every day what a happy relationship looks like, how we should behave to make our partner happy, how often we need to have sex, and how big of a house or car we have to have in order for our relationship to be successful and happy.

All these influences can create disturbances that can make our living together complicated, painful, and sometimes impossible.

How to create Divine Relationships…

In order to take care of these challenges we need to have awareness and acceptance of what is going on for us, and for our partner.

One way to create more awareness and acceptance is to bring more divine energy into our relationship, through intention and meditation. Intention is important for creating the space, the environment for cultivating conscious relationships. Meditation helps us to be more present and makes it easier for us to be aware and observe what is going on in the moment, and directs the energy towards fulfilling our intentions. And besides making us more present, meditation, especially mantra meditation, can be a powerful aid for removing the blocks we carry with us from our past.

Using mantra meditation can greatly support you to successfully deal with the ups and downs of life together as an individual, couple, or family.

  • It aids in healing heartbreak
  • It can rekindle the romantic fire
  • It helps to disconnect old relationships
  • It deals with the pain and heartbreak that comes from infidelity
  • It protects and heals sexual harassment
  • And it decharges energies that we collect over the day through our work and interactions with others

And there is also the practice of forgiveness, which plays a very big role, especially in the relationship we have with our mother, and father and in turn how we parent our children.

Begin with this short practice

If you want to start right away to bring more peace and happiness in your relationship with yourself and others, try to incorporate this short meditation practice into your daily routine. For best results this should be done by both partners, but if only one of you is open to, it it can help as well.

Set aside 10 min of your day for this meditation.

Sit down alone, or together and be comfortable. Set your  intention for the meditation to help you gain clarity and to remove any obstacles that prevent you from living a happy and fulfilled relationship.

The meditation is simply watching your breath, how it flows in and out of your nostrils. When thoughts arise as you are watching your breath, just let them pass by, like clouds, and bring your awareness back to your in and out breath. If the thoughts come back (they most likely will ;-)), let them pass again, and come back to your breath.

Do this practice daily and observe how your interactions change, and how much more awareness and presence comes into your life, and into your relationship.

To take this practice to the next level you can use the Gayatri Mantra in your meditation. You can chant it aloud or silently in your mind. You can download a beautiful recording of it chanted by Nina Ketscher here.

Listen to the recording to support your meditation while you learn how to pronounce it. Again, set your intention to gain clarity and to remove any obstacle that prevents you from having a happy and fulfilled relationship.

More knowledge and more practices

This sharing is a tiny bit of the knowledge and energetic practices for healing your relationship and making it happy.

If you want to know more check out the workshop Divine Relationships, coming on 08.21.2016 at Leap Yoga.

Have happy and fulfilled Divine relationships.


Steve Ketscher



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