Yamas & Niyamas Vinyasa with Les Leventhal

Yamas & Niyamas Vinyasa with Les Leventhal

July 11th from 6-8pm
$30/advance registration, $40/walk-in, $50/both classes (Yamas & Niyamas Vinyasa, Facing Embracing Fears Arm Balancing and Inversions) advance registration required

How do these first two Limbs of the 8 Limbed practice affect the asana practice on the mat and everyday life off the mat? We will explore what the 8 limbs are and where the Yamas and Niyamas fit in and their application. We will discuss how these ideals can be themes or intentions for the practice. We’ll take some time to review our ethics and how we might shift our perspective on how we see things culturally and/or personally and then weave all that into an asana practice to cultivate awareness. Our lives are forever shifting and sometimes we need to make tough decisions about how to love ourselves and others, compassionately.

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