Healing The Emotional Body

Healing the Emotional Body – A Yin Yoga & Meditation Retreat – With James Kapicka & Sarah Grace

We carry intellectual memories in our mind. We carry emotional memories in our body.

Who says you have to take time off work or travel far distances to experience a retreat? Life can be busy, and you may not be able to leave the country for 10 days, but maybe you can create space for yourself for one afternoon.
Join James and Sarah for a brief retreat from the roles and demands of your daily life. Give yourself an opportunity to stop the business, be still, and listen. Only from a place of quietude can you hear and feel deeply the true desires and wounds of your being. From there you can truly allow and heal through consciously observing the ebb and flow of your ever-evolving body.

Heal and let go, while learning and developing personal techniques that you can implemented daily. This time together will include exploratory and personalized yin postures to help you to drop in, meditation practices for you to reflect and listen, and tools for rooting and implementing your intentions that arise from your inquiry. This is an opportunity to connect with yourself deeply, as well as a chance to learn new, simple ways to support your practice and heal your temple.

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