From Shakti to Bhakti

Join Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda for a journey into the healing sound current and technology of yoga. Renowned for their heart moving live musical performances, this duo offers a transformational Kundalini Yoga and Meditation class. The Kundalini Yoga class offered will allow participants to tap into their inner power (Shakti) and through the luscious soundscape and Naad of Jaya Lakshmi, transform it to Bhakti (devotion and heart connection). Come ready to move energy, breath, dance, shake and sing!

Kundalini Yoga uses movement, sound current, breath and meditation to relax and heal your mind and body, allowing the spirit to flow freely. This powerful and effective form of Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D., Master of Kundalini Yoga, is a way to recharge and heal your body quickly. By stimulating the various systems of the body, it centers the mind, balances one’s energy fields and opens the spirit. It is especially effective for stress, addiction, depression and insomnia, as well as weight control.

Bio: Known for his meditative voice and transformative transmission, Ananda Yogiji offers Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with live music provided by Jaya Lakshmi (and band if available). Since meeting Jaya Lakshmi, they have toured nationally and internationally offering healing mantra music concerts as well as teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with live music provided by Jaya Lakshmi. They have been regular teachers at Beloved Festival with overflowing classes each time. In addition, Ananda and Jaya Lakshmi regularly provide music for Kundalini yoga teachers Kia Miller and Tommy Rosen as well as many others.

Ananda has studied under the guidance of master teachers Gurucharan Singh, Gurmukh, Guru Singh, Hari Jiwan, Krishna Kaur and many more. He spent 4 years learning with Viriam Singh and Kaur in Eugene Oregon. He has attended seven, nine day Kundalini Yoga summer solstice intensives in New Mexico as well as been a daily practitioner for over nine years. Ananda has also completed and taught at numerous holistic yoga immersions at the Dharmalaya Holistic Yoga and Medition Center in Eugene, Oregon.

Since meeting Ananda, Jaya Lakshmi has immersed fully into the path of Kundalini Yoga with a daily Kundalini Yoga practice and has attended four Kundalini Yoga summer solstice intensives.
She has also studied Ashtanga and Anusara Yoga for over a decade. Together these compliment her primary path, Bhakti Yoga.

Price: $39 in advance // $45 day of

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