California Spirit Fest Here We Come!

Welcome to the VERY first Leap Yoga blog. How appropriate that our first blog post would be about another first – the California Spirit Festival!

In just 7 short days the California Spirit Festival will transform the Iconic Masonic Temple in Downtown Sacramento into a yoga, music, meditation and dance extravaganza. Beginning on Thursday night the transformation will begin with a flood of vendors, sponsors, supporters and workers laboring well into the night to create the perfect space for you to breath, move, dance, explore and nourish yourself. We could not be more excited about this event for so many reasons. We are so incredibly thrilled and proud of our friends and teachers Sukhbir Kaur Collins and Tyler Langdale who have spent months upon months making this event a reality. Knowing the beautiful and pure energy that they bring to everything they do we have no doubt that this event will be monumental.

In preparation for the event Leap has been busy supporting our friends and getting the word out. Since this is such a beautiful local event we sponsored an essay contest for our students, encouraging them to share with us exactly why they love yoga in exchange for a day pass to the festival. To say that we were moved by the responses would be an understatement. To hear from our students about the ways that yoga has impacted and changed their lives was so incredibly powerful. We were honored to gift seven students with one day passes to the event and look forward to featuring some of their essays on our blog. In addition to the essay contest we also gave away tickets during our Easter practice, gave a ticket to one of our Leap 100 Club members, and two tickets were gifted during an incredible class that Tyler Langdale came to teach for us.

Tyler Landgale discusses the California Spirit Festival before kicking some serious asana!

Tyler Landgale discusses the California Spirit Festival before kicking some serious asana!

As you can see, it was a packed house that night and everyone left inspired and ready to experience everything that the California Spirit Festival has to offer.

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones that won a ticket or you’ve been wavering on your decision to purchase a ticket, don’t wait any longer. We now have special discount codes for all Leap students as follows:
$50 off weekend pass use”LEAP3″,
$30 off Friday pass use “LEAP13”,
and $30 off Sunday’s pass use “SunSpirit”

In addition to everything we’ve been doing to educate the community and send them to this incredible event we will also be blogging from the event, as well as creating a meditation space for attendees just off the main hall and also an alter space. We encourage you to take some time at the event to be fully present and take it all in at the “Leap Meditation Lounge” or create an intention for yourself and set the wheels in motion at our alter space. We know our community will be out in full force next weekend and we can’t wait to share this experience with you.

The thought of creating this local gathering of yogis, artists, organic foodies, kirtan singers, drummers and leaders in our very own yoga community has us filled with gratitude and excitement. To have the opportunity to experience everything that the Sacramento yoga community has to offer in one place is just such a gift. We are thrilled to be a part of something so special and monumental and we look forward to seeing you all there!

Sat Nam



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