Leap’s Forty Days


Leap's 40 Days
Have you been craving a 40 day program that will take your practice, on and off the mat, to the next level? If so, then dive into Leap’s 40 Days! This program is about discovering your best Self; and removing the blocks that prevent you from seeing your beauty and magnificence.  You will learn to tap into your intuition, trust yourself and lead your life from a more authentic place.  Our vision is that you walk away feeling empowered, inspired and confident about the choices you are making in your life.

Cathy and Gena will be your guides on this journey of self discovery, intuitive healing and connected living.  Yoga asana, meditation, self inquiry, and group activity are some of the tools that will be used.  See how powerful it can be to transform in an environment of love, safety and support.  And yes, it is possible to live the life of your dreams!
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Leap’s 40 Days includes:

  • 6 weekly group meetings with Gena and Cathy (75-90 minutes) covering education about the philosophy of yoga, group discussion, and activities aimed at guiding you to tap into your strengths, discover your intuitive voice and reach your goals.
  • A week long experience with juicing.  Peel’d will provide 2 juices and 1 smoothie (option to add a soup) for one week.  The juices will be dropped off at the studio & you have the option to add these into your normal diet or to use it as a cleanse.  $99 value, www.getpeeld.com
  • Group consultation with Donna Raines, Holistic Health Coach
  • Unlimited Yoga*
  • Celebration concert with Orenda Blu on the last meeting
  • Meditations from the Mat book by Rolph Gates
  • Access to both Gena & Cathy throughout 40 days
  • In our first meeting, Cathy & Gena will help you clarify what areas of your life are working, what areas could use a tune-up, and what your intention will be for the next 40 days.

Is this 40 days about changing who you are? No! Leap’s 40 Days is about diving more deeply into your authentic self to live YOUR best life. We are all amazing, beautiful beings and this program is designed to help you see that in you. Take your practice to the next level, on and off the mat, with Leap’s 40 Days. Yes, it is possible to create the life you want!


Themes for the weeks:

  • Week 1: Intention
  • Week 2: Connection
  • Week 3: Nutrition
  • Week 4: Reflection
  • Week 5: Transformation
  • Week 6: Celebration


Cost: $298 | *$199 for Monthly Members | *$249 for Yoga Lite Members

Meetings will be 6-7:15pm on the following dates: 5/10, 5/17, 5/31, 6/7, 6/14, 6/21

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Cathy is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and 200 hour EYRT.  She has been working with individuals and groups for 22 years. She has practiced meditation for 15 years and has taught yoga for 4 years.  Her greatest love is to witness people opening up, lighting up and living the life of their dreams.




Gena has been an avid practitioner of yoga for 20 years and has been teaching all levels more than 9 years. She strongly believes that the knowledge we seek is already within us.  The question is “Are you listening?”  Often times we choose to ignore our inner voices and it may manifest negatively in the physical, mental and spiritual well being. Learn to stay connected to your inner knowledge; learn to live your life to the fullest.


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