Level 1 Immersion – Costa Rica


Intensify your practice!  Energize your life!

Travel with us to the beautiful country of Costa Rica in May2014 for a week of taking risks, embracing change and discovering a new vision for your life all in an environment of love and support

At Leap we believe that travel is an important part of the yogic journey. Taking a time out from your daily life to is a great way to gain a fresh perspective, replenish your spirit and open your heart.

In Leap’s level one yoga immersion you will learn to use the tools yoga has to offer to start living your life from a place of truth, power and love.

This will be a week of intense physical yoga practice, mediation, pranayama, healthy eating, workshops and adventures in nature (zip lining and surfing). The goal of this training is to identify the areas of your life where you feel stuck and the fears that are keeping you there.   From this space you can begin to see your strengths and step onto the pathway of living your best life.

It is our belief that change is created through experience.  This week you will have the experience of challenging yourself physically , emotionally and mentally.  It is often in the challenge or just beyond that we begin to see our strength and all that we are capable of – letting go of false beliefs about ourselves, so that we can start living from a deeper place of truth and sharing our gifts with the world.

Use this week to step into your true nature, your light and your connection with yourself, others and if willing, the divine that is all around us.

Your life is a sacred journey

And it’s about change….Growth, discovery, movement, transforming, continuously expanding your vision of what’s possible, stretching your soul, learning to see clearly and deeply, listening to your intuition, taking courageous risks, embracing challenge at every step along the way. *Carolyn Joy Adams


A typical day includes:

7-8 coffee & tea available
8-10 asana (yoga practice/meditation)
10-11 breakfast
11-1 workshop (discussion)
1-2 free time
2-4 afternoon adventure or workshop (1 surf adventure, 1 zip lining experience)
4-6 yoga practice
6:00 dinner
8:00 evening activity (optional)

*there is an option to schedule a massage if you pay extra or to get an extra surf lesson

Cost $1998

*if you do the immersion you will receive $500 of Leap’s teacher training (September –December 2014) 


Retreat Option:

If you don’t want the intensity of the immersion, please join us for the retreat.The retreat option is a less intense version of the immersion.

Typical schedule:

7-8 coffee
8-10 yoga
10-11 breakfast
free time
2-4 (workshop on one of the days)
6:00 dinner

*one SUP/surf lesson or a massage during the week
*one zip line adventure or horseback riding during the week

Cost $1598


-Breakfast and Dinner are included
-You can buy snacks for lunchtime at the retreat center
-Transportation to and from the airport is included
-All accommodations are shared
-Flight not included – fly into Liberia, Costa Rica – contact Cathy@leapyoga.net for more information


cathy-newDr. Cathy Connors is the co-owner of Leap Yoga, energy worker/healer, yoga teacher and psychologist.  Cathy has worked with many people over the years in both group and individual settings. She brings this experience, as well as her own healing process, to the work she does.  Cathy sees beauty in every person she meets and truly believes that we all have the ability to live a life filled with love, joy, peace and truth.  Although everyone has a very individual journey toward reaching that end, Cathy know how valuable it can be to have teachers, mentors, friends and family to support you on this journey of healing.  She views herself as a mentor who can guide you, support you, and uplift you as you move toward total health and wellness.

Vist her website for more information www.warriorheartconsulting.com or www.leapyoga.net

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