KAIUT The Teaching Side TEACHER TRAINING with Francisco Kaiut

KAIUT The Teaching Side: Module 2 TEACHER TRAINING


Dates: Friday January 31st – Friday February 7th, 2020 inclusive.

Investment: $1,570.00


Teacher Training: Module 2 The Teaching Side, 8 days.


Teacher Training is a program for teachers and non-teachers who want to deepen their knowledge and understanding the Kaiut method for both personal and professional practice. Though this course is a teacher training program anyone is welcome to participate, whether you have never practiced yoga before or are a well-studied yogi, everyone is welcome to join. All props are supplied.

Unlike most modern yoga practices, the Kaiut method was developed to work with the joints. Joints are the place where the structure of the body begins and ends. In addition, joints have a very high amount of nerve endings which makes them the best way to interact and educate the nervous system. Working through the joints helps with general, chronic pain, injuries, and stiffness. Besides that, this is a method that can benefit everybody, including the inflexible, hyper flexible and the aging body.


There are 3 learning modules to the teaching training program, The Teaching Side is the second module, which has been created to give the teachers in training and participants of the course a higher level of self-knowledge, and knowledge of the method. The purpose of this module is to teach the students about how to become a teacher for yourself and for your students, offering techniques in communication and body language.


This training is the concept put in action. Over the 8 days of this course, you will be presented with valuable information through lecture and yoga practice, along with a reading list. This information will show you how being a Kaiut Teacher is different from the average yoga experience and will demonstrate how to use this method as a tool for self-improvement, growth and how to use this tool to help others.


Daily Itinerary (subject to change)

9am – 12pm practical class and lecture

12pm – 2pm lunch

2pm – 5pm practical class and lecture


Event Venue:

Granite City Event Center

Address: 705 Gold Lake Dr Ste 150, Folsom, CA 95630



Non-Refundable Deposit $300

1st Payment: $635 (50%) due November 1st, 2019

2nd Payment: $635 (remaining balance) due December 1st, 2019

Cancellation before January 2nd, 2020 50% of payment refundable minus the $300 deposit

Due to the nature of this unique event, along with limited space availability, there will be NO REFUNDS issued after January 2nd, 2020. Thank you for your understanding.