Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga

Please join Michelle Binicewicz for this Vinyasa-based prenatal/postnatal class.


Wednesdays from 6.05-7.20pm

Pregnancy is a Sacred Journey.
A journey of growth and becoming, A journey of Life.

Starting from preconception to postpartum, each woman is writing her own story of the life (lives) growing internally within her and no two stories are alike.
It is a time when not only does a woman’s body transform physically internally and externally, but also her heart begins to transform, emotionally and spiritually.
Femininity and Motherhood join together to prepare each woman for the amazing experience of surrendering her body to the process of growth and birth.
With so much input, advice, stories, and expectation that bombard pregnant women these days, finding sacred space to slow down, maybe even stop, to reconnect to your body, your baby, and your breath, is very much needed.  As a Doula, I understand the importance of these connections during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.

This meditative Slo Flow based prenatal/postnatal class is specifically modified for moms who desire to maintain balance, strength, and endurance throughout pregnancy without compromising intensity. Through safe and fluid movements, this rhythmic class will provide comfort and ease some of the prenatal symptoms commonly experienced by moms to be. Prenatal yoga can prepare expecting mothers for all stages of labor and strengthen the body for a faster and more efficient postnatal recovery. This yoga class is a journey designed to provide mothers and mothers to be with a deeper connection to mind, body, and breath during the profound and wonderful experience of motherhood.

Investment $19 drop in / $79 for 5 Class Pass