About Leap VIRTUAL Yoga

What is Leap VIRTUAL Live?

During these times of change, we are making available our Leap Virtual Class program to our community and fellow Leapers.  This will comprise of both live and recorded classes.  Together we can practice yoga, laugh. cry, meditate and share.

Sounds Good – so how do I get started?

  • Simply click on our Virtual class schedule button to register for the class you are interested in.
  • Register at least 60 minutes prior to class commencement
  • About 10 minutes prior to live class commencement, you will receive a zoom link to follow.  It is important that you have downloaded zoom on your device in order to be able to participate.
  • After the class you will receive another link to enable viewing for a further 48 hours, just in case you want to take the class again.

Need personal props (bolsters, blocks, straps, mats)? Just email us at info@leapyoga.net. We will have personal props available for purchase at a discounted rate while supplies last. We can arrange for you to pick up at Leap or we will deliver to you!

How do I create my sacred space at home?

It’s tempting to do things like the laundry or answer the phone when practicing yoga at home. Little things can easily interrupt your yoga practice. Creating a sacred space in your home or on the patio can make it easier to devote yourself fully to your practice and avoid being disrupted. We recommend finding a space in your home that is quiet and set up your mat/props. It can also be nice to add candles, meaningful objects, and maybe create an alter. Devote a set amount of time to your practice and stick to it. It’s way too easy to bail early when no one is watching you. Stay with it and enjoy Savasana too!

What are Leap Workshops?

Leap VIRTUAL Workshops are live, and represent special classes, events, lessons or trainings provided in addition to our regular class schedule.  They are often provided at an additional investment from our usual Leap offering.  Be sure to catch  your favorite Leap teacher’s workshop.

What is Leap Library?

If you can’t join us on Leap VIRTUAL Live, be sure to catch one of our prerecorded classes with your favorite Leap teachers. Leap Premium Monthly Members will receive access to all prerecorded classes included with membership.

What is the Leap Member Facebook Group?

Members should join our Facebook LEAP Yoga Members Group, to keep up to date with the latest news, offers and classes.