Touch me.. Touch me not.
Being assisted in class can be one of the most amazing parts of a yoga practice! An assistant’s role is to bring awareness to proper alignment and to help you go deeper into a pose. However, some of the most powerful assists are when the assistant is there to simply encourage you with a touch and the sound of breath!

At Leap Yoga we are also conscious that not everybody wants an assist. Some of you have injury’s, others like just a light assist, and many of you love that deep strong assist . We also understand that having to explain that to the assistant can sometimes be uncomfortable and even pull you out of your breath. This is why we created the “touch me not” token and the “touch me light” token. This takes the guess work right out of it. However, if you have an injury, please feel free to discuss it with the teacher or assistant before class. We truly care and want to help you have your best practice.
If you would like to learn more about our assisting program ask anyone of the staff and look for the assisting workshops coming soon!