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Mindful Madre Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Mindful Madre Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Christina Martin E-RYT, PRYT, Doula

Yoga, an experience of bringing the body, mind and consciousness into harmony; when applied to the journey of childbirth; can inspire a woman’s connection to her innate-wisdom from within.  Whether you are yoga practitioner, yoga teacher, prenatal student, or someone serving the prenatal community; this immersion will give you the insight and inspiration you need to guide mama’s through the emotional, physical, and spiritual process of birth.

Mindful Madre is a holistic approach providing both practical yoga techniques and integrative mind/body methods, in creating a spirit of nurturing for prenatal and postnatal students.  This in depth specialty training will guide you on a journey of the childbearing year, preparing you to teach and advocate for Madres during all stages of pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

This intensive is offered in two modules providing instruction through yoga practice, practice-teaching, lecture, independent study, guest teachers, written assignment, and class observation. The principles you learn in this training will qualify you teach pre/postnatal yoga professionally.


Module 1 Fundamentals of Pre/Postnatal Flow:

July 19-22nd 2018

Module 2 Prenatal Yoga Advance Teaching:

August 23-26th 2018 



Thursday 9AM- 8PM

Friday 8AM- 8PM

Saturday 8AM- 8PM

Sunday 8AM- 4PM

Tuition Investment:

Sign up before June 19th, 2018 and receive the Early Bird Rate $1,050.00

Regular Tuition $1,200.00

(10% off for Breathe Together Students who have completed 15 hour Prenatal Training)



If a student withdraws from the course:

31+ days prior to training, full refund minus $100 application fee

15-30 days prior to training, 50% of training tuition

14 days prior to training, no refund

Once training begins: no refund.

July 19-20th 2018

This module is the first of two modules for completion of the Madre Method Prenatal Yoga program.  This module focuses on the fundamentals of working with prenatal and postnatal students.  We will cover in depth the the science behind the birthing body; holistic and medical labor/birth methods; and learn how the physical, mindful, and spiritual practice of yoga can be utilized birth preparation, labor, and postnatal recovery.

* You will learn:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the birthing body
  • Psycho-emotional experiences pregnancy, birth, and postpartum
  • Fetal development
  • Fear/pain theory and meditation
  • Medical and holistic approaches birth
  • Birthing choices and breast feeding
  • Cultural lenses related to birthing and postnatal
  • Potential complications and high-risk pregnancy
  • Safe trimester specific pranayama and asana
  • Applying yoga philosophy to Prenatal/Postnatal yoga
  • Postnatal/ postpartum

August 16-19th 2018 or September 20-23rd 2018

This module focuses on advancing your skills as a prenatal yoga teacher.  This section will help you to really connect mama’s to their organic wisdom within by creating a class that provides them support and understanding.  You will learn to adapt prenatal yoga classes for all prenatal student’s skill levels and stages of pregnancy.  You will gain confidence in reading clients discomforts, recognizing complications, and knowing when and how to respond.  We will practice appropriate hands on adjustments and relaxations techniques, which provide prenatal students the tools they need to improve their birth experience.

* You will learn:

  • Understanding prenatal teacher/advocate’s role
  • Meditation techniques, self hypnosis
  • Prenatal yoga methodology and recognizing risks
  • Cultivating class themes and  journey-experience for your clients
  • Pre/Postnatal-safe yoga sequencing for other genres of yoga
  • Adjustments for body aliments
  • Partner Yoga for birth preparation
  • Mom/baby yoga
  • The business side of prenatal and birthing community
  • Culturally sensitive approach to teaching trauma impacted clients
  • Advanced pre/postnatal flow yoga sequencing
  • All subjects mentioned above will be covered.  More subjects may be added.  Due to time restraints topics maybe rearranged between modules in order to cover entire program adequately. 

This training is intended for yoga teachers, doulas, birth educators or those who are passionate about supporting madre’s through this beautiful journey of life.  All applicants must have completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training or at least two years of yoga practice.

  1. Complete application & Pay Tuition
  2. Attend Module 1 & 2
  3. Passing score on written exam
  4. Lead practicum Prenatal Yoga Class

Successful completion of both a 200-hour yoga teacher training and an 85-hour prenatal yoga training are required to register with Yoga Alliance.  The Mindful Madre program provides relevant standards in Yoga Alliance’s five educational Categories as defined below:

– Prenatal Yoga as a Specialty (5 Hours) -Techniques Training /Practice (25 Hours)

– Teaching Methodology (10 Hours) – Anatomy and Physiology (10 Hours)

– Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, Ethics for Yoga Teachers (5 Hours

– Practicum (20 Hours) – Elective (10 Hours)

Total Hours: 85 Hours

This training can be used as continuing education with Yoga Alliance OR RPYT certification

Christina Martin 

500 RYT/ 200 E-RYT/ RPYT / YACEP/ Doula

Yoga has a long history in Christina’s life story as her support system, seeing her through many adversities as she struggled to balance a family of 6 and a career working with at-risk youth.

Originally from Silicon Valley, Bay Area; Christina began teaching the physical practice of yoga in 2004.

It wasn’t until 2012 that Christina found her mentor Jennifer Prugh, and completed her 500 RYT at The Joy of Yoga Program.  She been with The Art of Yoga Project since 2012, and is a Site Director for both Santa Clara and Sacramento Counties providing yoga-intervention curriculum to trauma impacted, marginalized teens.  In 2013 Christina’s decision to become a Prenatal yoga teacher and Doula was prompted by her experience in working with prenatal teens who attended her yoga classes in San Jose Juvenile Hall.

Christina is the prenatal educator for Breathe Together Yoga and a faculty member of JOY of Yoga’s teacher training program. Certified as a PRYT she studied with Jennifer More and went on to receive her Doula training through Dolphin Doula.  Since becoming a prenatal yoga educator Christina has mentor over 1,600 prenatal students, yoga teacher trainees, and prenatal clients.  Christina consults as a prenatal yoga educator for many reputable 200HR and 500HR yoga teacher trainings throughout California and serves as a doula for her prenatal students and colleagues.  Christina’s unique ability to encompass soulful and nurturing connections to her clients has enabled her to create the Mindful Madre prenatal yoga teacher training program, which is a holistic approach providing both practical yoga techniques and integrative mind/body methods.

Leap 300 Hour Teacher Training and Advanced Studies Program

Leap 300 Hour Teacher Training and Advanced Studies Program with Karen Miscall-Bannon & Stacy Whittingham

This program includes 4 MODULES OF STUDY / 2 WEEKENDS PER MODULE and begins July 26th, 2018!

Increase self-knowledge, acceptance and love through advanced studies in “embodied-inquiry”, asana, mantra, pranayama, meditation and philosophy.

Embodyoga®-inspired programs are well-rounded, in-depth studies of yoga with an emphasis on deepening personal embodiment as the basis for developing depth and power as a teacher. Learn to teach embodied-inquiry practices and share the depth of this experience with your students through Precision Alignment and Vinyasa Hatha Yoga, Mantra, Mudra, Meditation, and Pranayama practices.


Serious yoga students are invited to attend individual modules of this training for the purposes of advanced study.



This program builds on the foundation of the 200-Hour Teacher Training Program providing an additional 300 hours of study. All 4 Modules constitute a complete 500-Hour Certificate Program. The Certificate Program is open to yoga teachers with a 200-Hour Certificate from any Nationally Registered Yoga School. This is a highly rewarding study for serious yoga practitioners and teachers alike.

The program is divided into four distinct Modules. Each module has its own focus. Yoga philosophy is woven into the fabric of the program. Choose the full teacher certification program or advanced studies. Options to fit the needs and desires of every yogi devoted to advanced studies.

Leap's Assistant Training Program

Leap’s Assistant Training Program with Butch & Michèal Mitchell and Joy Cazel

Dates: Friday August 17th 6-10pm, Saturday August 18th 11:30-4:30pm and Sunday August 19th 8:30am-1:30pm.

Investment: $169 Advance Registration // $189 Day of Event

Join Butch & Michèal Mitchell and Joy Cazel for Leap’s assistant training program. In this 14 hour program you will deepen your own personal practice, learn more about proper alignment to avoid injury while learning how to assist students in a yoga class through hands-on assists. Should you choose to pursue joining the Leap assisting team you will work in conjunction with the teacher to support and empower students in their practice.

Assisting is about awareness and connection. You will receive guidance that will help you and students explore your/their deepest practice and full potential on your/their mat. An assistant plays an important part in creating a sense of community and connection between Leap Yoga, the teacher and our students. Giving to students in this way is healing and nurturing for both assistant and student. We hope that you will choose to take this journey with us. 

Support, Connect, Expand 

Leap 200 hour Transformative Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and Deeper Studies Program

Leap 200 hour Transformative Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and Deeper Studies Program with Gena Foreman and Stacy Whittingham

Leap 200 Hour Transformative Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 

and Deeper Studies Program with Gena Foreman and Stacy Whittingham

This program is an in-depth study of foundational yoga that spans over six weekends. Areas of focus include yoga asana, philosophy, anatomy, prenatal yoga, assisting, ayurveda, sanskrit, mantra and meditation. 

There are two tracks availalbe: 


Serious yoga students are invited to attend this training for the purposes of advanced study without fulfilling all requirements for 200 HR certification.


This certification is available to yoga students who wish to teach yoga in public venues such as studios, corporate yoga, recovery programs, and gyms. 


Consistent classroom participation, successful completion of assigned reading, demonstration of understanding principles presented in the program, and fulfillment of practice teaching requirements factors your eligibility for certification through Yoga Alliance. 


LOCATION: Leap Yoga & Private Studio in Folsom 

Program Dates/Times: 

Aug 30 -Sept 3 (Labor Day Weekend Thurs- Monday) Sept 20-23
Sept 27-30
Oct 12-14 (no Thursday meet Friday) 

Oct 19-21 (no Thursday meet Friday) Oct 25-28 

Regular Weekend Meeting Times 

Thursdays 4:30-8:30 Friday 5-9pm
Sat 8-6
Sun 8-6 

*Meet half-day on Monday September 3rd (Labor Day) 

Meditation Practice *attendance required 

Dates: Wednesday Oct 3 & Mondays Oct 8, 15, 22 Location: Lotus Garden Fair Oaks
Time: 6-8pm 


$2,650* early-bird special, REGISTER BEFORE June 30th 2018 

$2,950 regular enrollment starts July 1st, 2018 

*To be eligible to receive early-bird discount pricing you must meet the following criteria: 

Application and deposit of $400 received by June 30th, 2018.

– Upon acceptance half tuition ($1,125) due July 15th, 2018

– Remaining balance ($1,125) due August 5th, 2018.

*Payment plans for special circumstances can be made available upon request.

Tuition Includes: 

200-hr Certified Yoga Teacher Certification (pending all program requirements are met), Transformative Yoga Teacher Training Manual, guest teacher workshops, and all excursions. 


Please note: The $400 deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. (If for any reason you are not accepted into the program your deposit will be refunded in full.) 

If a student withdraws from the course:
31+ days prior to training, full refund minus deposit
15-30 days prior to training, 50% of training balance, minus $400 deposit 14 days prior to training, no refund
Once training begins: no refund. 

Weekend One 

Introduction to Philosophy and Mantra 

Pranayama Ujjai/Three Part Breathing 

Foundations of Asana 

Yoga Anatomy with Karen-Miscall Bannon 

Weekend Two 

History of Yoga/Classical and Tantra/Patanjali’s Eight Limbs 

Asana Exploration and Introduction to Sun Salutations A &  C

Pranayama Alternate Nostril and Breath of Fire 

Chant and Mantra 

Weekend Three 

Yamas & Niyamas and Introduction to Yoga Sutras 

Asana Exploration, Sun Salutation B, Intro to Sequencing 

Japa Meditation and Mantra Practices with Wah!

Weekend Four 

Ayurveda and Understanding the Subtle Body 

Asana Exploration, Intelligent Sequencing

Assisting Techniques 

Weekend Five 

Yoga Philosophy, Sequencing and Assisting, Yoga Nidra 

Review for Final Exam

Sunday Hike Five Element Walking Meditation 

Weekend Six

Review, Final Exam, Teach Friends and Family, Graduation Ceremony


Location: Leap Yoga & Private Studio in Folsom 


Program Dates/Times: 

Aug 30 -Sept 3 (Labor Day Weekend Thurs- Monday) Sept 20-23
Sept 27-30
Oct 12-14 (no Thursday meet Friday) 

Oct 19-21 (no Thursday meet Friday) Oct 25-28 

Regular Weekend Meeting Times 

Thursdays 4:30-8:30 Friday 5-9pm
Sat 8-6
Sun 8-6 

*Meet half-day on Monday September 3rd (Labor Day) 

Meditation Practice *attendance required 

Dates: Wednesday Oct 3 & Mondays Oct 8, 15, 22 Location: Lotus Garden Fair Oaks
Time: 6-8pm 

This Hatha Yoga 200 HR Teacher Training and Deeper Studies Program is designed for experienced students who would like to achieve a 200 HR Yoga Alliance Certification for the purpose of teaching yoga classes and also for the serious yoga practitioner desiring to deepen his/her understanding of the science of yoga. 

This comprehensive curriculum will include the fundamentals of yoga philosophy, teaching methods, and developing skills for working with a diverse array of yoga practitioners in aspects of postural, breathing, mantra, and meditation practices. 

Asana Technique, Teaching Methods and Practical Yoga Anatomy: Participants will learn to teach the primary families of asanas: Sun Salutations, Standing Poses, Backbends, Forward Bends, Twists, Arm Balances, Inversions, Core Refinement, and Hip Openers. Explorations of postures and poses will be supported by functional anatomy, bio-mechanics, and the kinesiology of movement. In this section participants will also learn how to see yoga practitioners in order to guide them in a meaningful and safe way through an asana practice. Studies of alignment principles, modifications, physical adjustments/assists, and the use of yoga props are all included in this section. 

Practical Yoga History and Philosophy: This section includes the study of certain yoga philosophies and traditional texts. Studies include; Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of  Yoga, Yoga Sutras, Patanjali’s philoposphy of Spiritual Psychology, an overview of the Bahagavd Gita, history of yoga, and an introduction to the use of Sanskrit. 

Class Plan and Sequencing: This section of study will include art and science of sequencing postures for yoga classes. Class plan instruction will include grounding practices, intention setting, themes, and styles of asana practice.

Seeing, Relating, Demonstrating, Cuing: We learn to observe, appreciate, and understand what is happening with different students to develop the skills to work with all bodies and abilities. How to effectively demonstrate yoga poses while giving clear concise instructions using the qualities of voice, tone, and audibility. 

Practice Teaching: Participants will be working together in group settings to practice teach. Students will learn to develop confidence and skills to lead larger classes. Each practice teaching session includes feedback and discussion of teaching techniques and methods. 

Teaching Pranayama: This section includes instruction of basic breathing techniques; three-part breathing and ujayi breath along with intermediate breathing techniques such as alternate nostril, sitali, kapalabhati, bhramari. 

Meditation Practice: We will explore several meditation techniques including japa meditation, guided meditation, silent meditation, and walking meditation. 

Subtle Energetic Body and Ayurveda: The subtle energetic body is the template to the physical body and in this section we will cover nadis, koshas, bandhas, chakras, and the vayus. Included in this section is an introduction to Ayurveda, the five elements, doshas, gunas, and dinacharaya.

Pre-Natal Yoga: In this section participants will learn how to adapt the practice for each trimester of pregnancy, indications and contra-indications for various conditions, effective use of props, emotional and psychological aspects of pre-natal, preparation, delivery and post-partum reintegration through yoga.  

Lifestyle, Ethics, and Selfless Service: In this section we will be exploring the bigger picture of how we live our lives off the mat. We will explore nutrition, personal yoga and meditation practice, relations with family, friends, co-workers and community. We will study the yogic perspective of living life with dignity, integrity, and respect for all beings.