Safe Hugs!

Our first Leap VIRTUAL Live Yoga week is almost over. Time to reflect as the questions are many; how have we done, have we managed to provide our community with a valid experience, what do we still need to do, how is our social media working for you, too much activity, about right or too little, is our upgraded wifi coping, is our offer memorable and beneficial, how is our interface coping, can our community easily navigate our much changed site, are we relevant, do we provide Leapers with a valid Yoga experience, what still needs to be done and what further changes are necessary to this evolving process, to best fulfill our Leapers needs?  Regardless of the answers it’s a time to reflect, a time to give thanks and to let everyone know the wondrous feeling experienced, one of being deeply touched, inspired, humbled and loved, as a Leap team member.

I write with the knowledge of the incredible hardships many of you are going through, financially, emotively, often with the worry of loved ones far from home.  Social distancing is not so easy, when culturally a light touch is given as a display of caring, empathy and understanding.  The cessation of contact does not come easily.  As an Italian native, where emotions are readily shown, this demonstration of caring now removed so abruptly has been a challenge, to say the least.  Appropriately and without question, true caring is currently shown in exactly the opposite way, ergo I refrain from contact because I care!

During these exceedingly difficult times, with Leap having to temporarily close its doors, I now more than ever, am acutely aware of the incredible Leap family around me.  Cindi, Stacy, Butch and Michēal have been absolute rocks, working often 14 hour days on the dogged quest of ensuring we can continue to provide our community with the Leap Yoga experience as best we are able.  Teachers, students, staff all coming together – figuratively, rather than physically – with the purpose of exploring, investigating and ultimately defining how to put together what is a people centric fitness, wellness and yoga community virtually. For this I am greatly touched.

The caring, laughing, crying, worrying and learning required towards this achievement has been great.  The ‘can do’ attitude of all involved, combined with the extreme rapidity needed of mastering new technology, systems, methods and ways of doing things.  Ideas a plenty, some good, some less so, all pushing the bounds of our knowledge and previous comfort levels.  This has left me truly inspired.

The huge amounts of help from friends, my daughter’s boyfriend and tech guru extraordinaire – Antonino –  our family, the calls, emails and messages from Leap members asking how they can help, ensuring their membership levels are current, buying retail products for home delivery, the words of love, support and comfort.  The having to overcome personal limitations and the dependence of all to find effective, quality solutions rapidly.  This has left me greatly humbled.

The zoom dinner dates, FaceTime calls, virtual wine evenings and what’s app messages from around the world. My Italian family and friends in isolation, for weeks on end, checking to see whether we are all fine. Suppliers waiving fees, MBO’s invaluable technical support, specialists giving of their time, for free, to help us bring everything together and doing all possible to ensure we have a strong studio to come back to when all of this is over.  The coming together of a community, helping one another in our collective hour of need.  The ultimate strength of relationships and the smallness of the world.  This has shown me the power of love.

So my take away is simple; I am filled with hope, appreciation, humility and give to you all unreserved love and thanks. Please stay safe and well so we may all celebrate together physically, as this time too shall pass.  The lessons learned however, I know will remain forever.

In the meantime Namaste and safe hugs.


Dear Leap Yogis

We very much hope that this finds you, our amazing Leap community, and your families, healthy and safe!  

We want to THANK YOU… we are incredibly grateful…so many of you have reached out to us with gracious words of continued support!  You are filling our hearts with LOVE and HOPE…we are humbled beyond belief!

As you know, we have been behind the scenes working to offer Leap Live Streaming Yoga to our community during this time that you need it the most.  After exploring several platforms we’re pretty sure WE GOT THIS! 

 Please join us tomorrow, Sunday, March 22nd, for the launch of our first Live Streamed Classes:

~9:00am~Vinyasa Flow class with Papa Yogi

~11:00am~Kaiut class with Michēal.  

Please enroll for the Leap Live classes online at least an hour IN ADVANCE, this way you will have time to receive the sign-in instructions and login link! The earlier the better!  Simply use our website link at: to see our VIRTUAL schedule or use the MindBody App to sign up.  We are up and running now and will be adding new classes and offerings as we go!


-Once you sign-up, a confirmation email will be sent to you within a few hours with more details.

-A Zoom link for the session will be emailed to you about an hour to 1/2 hour before the live streamed class…

-In the meantime, please familiarize yourself with Zoom and create a

free account or sign-up using your Google or Facebook account.  It is best to download the Zoom App or visit the site on the device you will be using to live stream.  We are here for you if you have any questions or need any help…email Cindi at

Don’t worry! If you can’t join in for the Virtual Live session, we will be archiving these classes and Unlimited Members will be able to access them all from home at your convenience. PLUS….many, many, more exciting offerings coming soon….so stay tuned!

 We look forward to seeing you VIRTUALLY this Sunday!

 PS…for those of you needing “personal props” (i.e. bolsters, blocks, straps, mats, Yogitoes) we will be offering discounted packages that can be personally delivered to your home, while supplies last.  Details coming later today!


Papa Yogi, Michēal, Stacy, Cindi & Marco


Dear Leap Yogis,

We are very much aware of the growing concerns and news coverage around coronavirus (Covid-19) and the important role that both our staff and our members have, in keeping healthy.

We wanted to make you aware of the steps we take at Leap to maintain a sanitary environment.  We’ve always taken steps to clean all surfaces, props, mats and laundry after each class with a proven disinfectant designed to kill all viruses.  We are taking extra steps before and after all classes to wipe down all doors, handles and counter tops with disinfectant wipes.  Fresh towels, as always, are provided for your use during your practice.  In keeping with CDC recommendations, we encourage all of our students to wash their hands, for at least 20 seconds, before and after classes and to use the provided hand sanitizer, provided around the studio, as necessary. In addition, we ask students to bring all rental and borrowed mats to the front desk after use for staff members to clean.

As usual, we encourage all students and teachers to stay home if they are feeling unwell. Just be cautious, be mindful.

We look forward to seeing you on your mat.


Butch, Stacy, Cindi, Michéal and Marco


With a packed Valentine’s weekend class schedule and two amazing workshops, come be our Valentine this weekend!


If you haven’t already done so, sign up for the Leap 100 Club, the last day to do so is the 15th of Feb!





As I say to my friends and family I feel that the universe spoils me quite a lot, with inspiration, teachers, friends, and work but mainly with the places that my work takes me. Teaching and being in California totally fits in that category.

My work in California has been a milestone for my international career and for the growth of this method.
Folsom, is a unique city that is a gateway to many wonderful places like Yosemite, Napa, San Francisco, and Lake Tahoe. To me, Folsom itself is a little gem in California filled with highly talented yoga teachers. The community around the studio has been growing and embracing the Kaiut Yoga method. Coming back this year to teach, “The Teaching Side” in Folsom is quite special. I’m really excited to see the growth and development of the Kaiut Yoga community in Folsom during the course and I’m very excited to see my California partners/friends. I’m eager to thank them personally for contributing so actively to the growth and development of Kaiut Yoga in the beautiful state of California.

Francisco Kaiut

Peace Retreat 3

 This week a group of LEAPers are headed to Peace Retreat in beautiful Costa Rica for a yoga immersion adventure! Brittany, one of the yoginis on the trip, will be sharing her experience. Here’s a little introduction to Brittany:

Leap Yoga_Brittany 2Leap Yoga_Brittany 3

I came to Leap Yoga about 6 months ago looking to add a new dimension to my fitness routine. I never imagined that what I would gain was a deeper insight into myself through the beautiful inspiration of the teachers, assistants, staff and fellow yogis. I am still discovering my path to helping inspire health in others and learning that instruction and inspiration can come from many non-traditional sources.

I am looking forward to discovering more about how yoga can improve health and support holistic wellness as I travel to Costa Rica with Leap Yoga. I hope my blog posts can inspire others to make yoga more than just exercise. 

Namaste, Brittany

Have you ever thought about assisting in yoga class?

Leap is hosting an Assistant Training next weekend and it’s not too late to sign up!

Take your practice to a new level. Dive in. Connect with your community.

Here’s what some assistants say about the experience…


Photo via Pinterest.

I love to assist because it is a unique time in a yoga practice where there a one on one connection. Non-verbal, energy connected, and really support going both ways. When it works it is so powerful. You can actually feel the shift in the students practice as they accept the support and let go. So awesome.


I assist because it allows me to connect with and nurture others. I am grateful about about my students willingness to let in love. I feel connected and honored when I assist.


Assisting allows me the opportunity to connect with my community and support my students in feeling poses. It allows me to help them deepen their experience of yoga.


I love to assist because it is meaningful for me to support others in their yoga practice. I am grateful for the willingness and courage I witness in my students. I feel connected, inspired and grateful when I assist. 


I am so grateful for the assists. Those wonderful hands help me through the practice, especially if I am sore. These loving hands are a blessing.


Photos via Pinterest and Yoga Dudes.

Photos via Pinterest and Yoga Dudes.


In this moment, can you release expectation?


 “Yoga teaches us to cure what needs not be endured and endure what

  cannot be  cured.”

 ~B.K.S. Iyengar


Be curious about the present. Instead of dwelling on the way your body, mind, heart and

spirit felt yesterday or an hour ago, sit with where you are now.


Perhaps you’ve tried a challenging posture (like an arm balance or an inversion) a hundred times. Perhaps every one of those times you fell out. Today, you are ready. Your body moves into the pose effortlessly. Or your mind releases resistance to the teacher’s words. Instead of trying to control, you relax and let go.

Post 1_2_alive in the fire

According to Ram Dass, “[The] distortion comes from defining ourselves in terms of doing instead of being. But behind all the doings, all the roles, you just are – pure awareness, pure consciousness, pure energy. When you reside fully in the present moment, you are outside of time and space.”

Trungpa Rinpoche notes, “Our lives awaken through ordinary magic.” It’s in everyday things that the miraculous happens. If we practice being here now, we develop the sensitivity to perceive and appreciate the daily miracles of our lives.”

Forget what you think you know. Learn to be OK with not knowing what will happen when you try. Be open to possibility, receptive to what is. Just BE.

You may surprise yourself.

Post 1_3_alive in the fire


“Yoga is not about self-improvement, it’s about self-acceptance.”

~Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa



About the Author: 

Rachel Stroud is a yoga blogger at Alive in the Fire. She is a passionate vinyasa, Dharma, Bhakti and yin practitioner, and is currently completing her 200 hour vinyasa teacher training at Leap Yoga.