Last July the Sacramento yoga community lost a dear friend, teacher, and someone who helped to create powerful positive shifts in the lives of many. His unassuming presence, humility, sense of humor, and appreciation for simplicity are just a few things I treasure when I remember him.

One thing about Aaron’s passing that has stayed with me is how the community of yogis in our area came together to honor him, support his family, and take good care of each other. When Jaime from Akasha Yoga in Davis reached out to me to see if Leap Yoga and I would be interested in co-creating a memorial event with her there just wasn’t a question. Seeing our Sacramento community come together in support of a good cause (one so close to Aaron’s heart) would make him smile. I can almost see it now as I write.

Please join us for a special evening in memory of our friend Aaron Pappas on Friday July 20th. Live music by Girish and yoga led by Sarah Estabrook and Blake Mason. Proceeds will be donated to the Salvation Army Recovery, a program that Aaron strongly supported.

Tickets are $25 and you can sign up using this link:…

Namaste dear friends. See you very soon!

Stacy Whittingham

Date: Saturday July 21st 

Time: 1-3pm

Investment: $30/advance registration $35/door 

Girish Chant Workshop 

Sharing his own experience as a musician, yogi, and former Hindu monk, Girish offers tools and practices to find and express your true voice through chanting and mindful singing in this interactive and inspiring workshop. Girish’s chanting immersion is for anyone seeking to bring the bliss of Sanskrit chanting into daily life, to deepen an existing chanting practice, or simply to discover and express your true voice.  No previous experience necessary! We’ll explore several of the most powerful Sanskrit mantras, discover what 21st Century neuroscience reveals about this ancient yogic practice, and learn new and inspiring ways to support and open our singing voice. Girish’s chant workshop is an integral part of hundreds of yoga teacher training programs all over the world and is appropriate for all levels of yogis.

About Girish



Workshop Schedule

Friday: 6-9pm

Saturday: 9-12 + 2-5pm

Sunday: 9-12noon

Rolf Gates, author of the bestselling books on yogic philosophy, Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga, and the newly released: Meditations on Intention and Being: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga, Mindfulness and Compassion, conducts yoga workshops, retreats, teacher trainings, and coaching and mentorship programs throughout the U.S. and abroad–and online. Rolf and his work have been featured in numerous media, including Yoga Journal, ORGINS, Natural Health, People Magazine, and Travel and Leisure’s 25 Top Yoga Studios in the World.

Rolf is the co-founder of the Yoga, Meditation and Recovery Conference at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California and the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Massachusetts and a teacher at Spirit Rock Insight Meditation Center in Northern CA.  He is also on the Advisory Board for the Yoga Service Council and the Veterans Yoga Project. A former addictions counselor and U.S. Army Airborne Ranger who has practiced meditation for over twenty-five years, Rolf brings his eclectic background to his practice and his teachings.  Rolf and his wife, Mariam Gates, author of Good Night Yoga: A Pose by Pose Bedtime Story and Good Morning Yoga: A Pose by Pose Wake Up Story, and Meditate with Me: A Step by Step Mindfulness Journey live in Santa Cruz, California with their two children.  Also check out Rolf’s NEW CHILDREN’S BOOK: Yoga Friends; A Pose by Pose Partner Adventure! For more information check out:

Workshop Description:

Intention and Flow:

Join Rolf for a dynamic weekend of Vinyasa, meditation, pranyama and lecture/discussion as we explore the practices that create a life that works. Throughout this weekend, we will dive into the tools of yoga that allow us to stay connected to the truth of who we are as we practice new ways of being in the world.

The yoga will be a synergy of the freedom of a powerful Vinyasa class and the structural integrity of yoga’s therapeutic alignment principles.

The intensive is intentionally challenging, but open to all who wish to explore yoga as an evolutionary journey.  The only ‘requirement’ is that you show up, do your best and let your best be good enough.

The sessions are intended as a whole weekend workshop, but the sessions may be taken individually. All sessions will be based around aspects of Rolf Gates’ Meditations on Intention and Beings: Dally Reflections on the Path of Yoga, Mindfulness and Compassion.


Friday: 6pm-9pm: Vision and Intention: Vinyasa Session

In this asana-based session we will explore being grounded in our practice and inspired in our lives. We will allow our practice to give voice to the great heart within us.

The session will include Vinyasa, meditation and lecture/discussion. The yoga will be a synergy of the freedom of a powerful Vinyasa class and the structural integrity of yoga’s therapeutic alignment principles.

The intensive is intentionally challenging, but open to all who wish to explore yoga as an evolutionary journey.  The only ‘requirement’ is that you show up, do your best and let your best be good enough.


Saturday: 9am-noon: Being Still with Skill: Meditation Workshop 

Being Still with Skill:  The Power of Meditation Workshop

Yoga is the cultivation of inner space and the ability to use it well. In this meditation workshop, Rolf will describe the opportunity presented to us in the teachings of the Buddha and Patanjali.  This experiential workshop will explore how these great contributions to consciousness weave beautifully together to enhance the quality of our daily lives.  This will be in lecture discussion form and guided meditation experience with support in beginning or building on your own meditation practice.

This workshop will combine a lecture/discussion period and an asana-practice session dedicated to integrating the concepts taught. To truly realize the learning opportunity, it is recommended that participants in the Chakra Workshop also attend a minimum of one Vinyasa session during the weekend.


Saturday: 2-5pm: Faith and Flow: Vinyasa Session

‘In our fear we believe that we must make things happen; in our practice we learn to let things happen.’  Rolf Gates

In this asana-based session we will explore and practice how we create the experience of ‘sanctuary’, the experience of the sacred in our every day lives.

The session will include Vinyasa, meditation and lecture/discussion.  The yoga will be a synergy of the freedom of a powerful Vinyasa class and the structural integrity of yoga’s therapeutic alignment principles.

The intensive is intentionally challenging, but open to all who wish to explore yoga as an evolutionary journey.  The only ‘requirement’ is that you show up, do your best and let your best be good enough.


Sunday: 9am-noon: Intention and Being: Vinyasa Session

The pose is what we are doing; the yoga is how we are being in the pose.

Knowing the heart offers us new possibilities in every aspect of our lives. The session will include Vinyasa, meditation and lecture/discussion.  The yoga will be a synergy of the freedom of a powerful Vinyasa class and the structural integrity of yoga’s therapeutic alignment principles.

The intensive is intentionally challenging, but open to all who wish to explore yoga as an evolutionary journey.  The only ‘requirement’ is that you show up, do your best and let your best be good enough.


Inversions & Arm Balances with Michael Fong

Date: August 11 & 12

August 11 Inversions 1-3pm

August 12- Arm Balances 1-3pm

Investment: $30 and $50 for both

Inversions Workshop

Inversions are highly therapeutic, but these postures can also be intimidating and scary. Leap over the fear of inverting your body and receive proper instruction and support to play with these exciting postures! Join Michael to learn how to go upside down with effectiveness and grace. In this two hour workshop, you will learn the following:

  • Develop your Handstand, Forearm Stand, and Headstand
  • Invert using proper alignment
  • Create body integration and full body awareness

Arm Balance Workshop

Arms balances are challenging postures that can be overwhelming and complex. Fortunately, there are simple tools to help hoist you up against gravity! Join Michael for a playful two hour experience that will give you the building blocks to consistently practice a variety of different arms balance poses.

  • Develop proper body engagement to support your joints
  • Build your understanding of alignment in your arm balance poses
  • Create balance and strength throughout your entire body

Women’s Empowerment Workshop & Fundraiser with Hannah Zackney – Ladies, We Got This….

Date: Sunday August 19th

Time: 1-2:30pm

Investment: $25 pre-register/ $30 door

Calm is the new Cool.  So is Indulgent Nourishment and Radical Self-Acceptance.

Join Hannah to receive instruction on how to create and claim more space in your life for your truest desires.

If you are yearning to live your most vibrant, free, empowered life, this workshop is for you.

In this 90min Intro Workshop to the Heart Wide Open Process You Will Learn How To:

  • Ask for what you really want (and get it!)
  • Prioritize Yourself (guilt free)
  • Begin to set boundaries that work (keep the good in and the ick out)

(If you have attended a previous Heart Wide Open Intro Workshop, please note content has been updated and new material will be shared.)

Investment (in you!): $25 pre-register, $30 at the door

*Note that a percentage of the proceeds will go to Powerhouse Ministries (helping women and children in need)

**No refunds day of event.


Practice with a Purpose:

Movement and Mantra with Tristina Kennedy 

Date: Thursday, July 19th

Time: 6:00-7:30pm

Investment: Donation-based class (cash is preferred, but an online payment method will be available before/after class!) Please visit for more information.


We are stronger together; come be a part of the loving power of community! Join Tristina and special music guest, Chuck More, for a donation-based class to raise funds for Ganga Prem Hospice (GPH) in India. Enjoy a soulful evening experience that includes live music and mantra during an inspiring and playful all-levels vinyasa practice. You will also get to view a short video, giving you a look into the inspiring work that GPH is doing!


GPH is a spiritually oriented, non-profit hospice for terminally ill patients with cancer. They offer inpatient care, free cancer clinics, a daily home care program, bereavement service, and palliative care training in Northern India. Tristina & Michael will be spending two weeks at the hospice in September, helping the staff care for terminal patients in dire need of assistance making a comfortable, loving transition. Please visit for more information.


If you are unable to attend class but would like to donate, you can do so here:

No amount you give is too small – every penny will be greatly appreciated and put to good use!

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He fell off a ladder and hit his head. 

“It changed me.” He said. “I’m different, angry all the time. Most of the time for no reason at all, just filled with rage.”

“My wife says I’m not the man she married and my daughter, well…she won’t even speak to me after one of my episodes. I can see how much it scares her. We used to be so close.”

She was in a car accident and suffered a concussion.

“It’s been 2 years. My body is mostly healed, but I can’t sleep. The depression scares me the most. I feel like a bad mom, but most days I don’t want to get out of bed.”

“By early afternoon I need an energy drink. Homework, dinner and bedtime feel like chores. I used to be a really happy person, now everything feels heavy and hard.”

“A brain tumor.” He said, softly touching a scar on the back of his head. “They got it all. I have a clean bill of health. But, I had to learn to talk and walk all over again. I was a toddler in a 40 year old body.”

At Yoga Support, we hear these stories on a regular basis. People whose lives were forever changed in a instant from a head injury.

In The Body Keeps the Score, Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk writes that “…trauma is not just an event that took place sometime in the past; it is also the imprint left by that experience on mind, brain and body.”

Yoga Support offers tailored yoga curriculum to those affected by traumatic brain injuries. We connect specially educated teachers at an affordable cost to help people get their lives back.

You can help support our work by joining us for a donation based class at Leap Yoga, Sunday, June 24th, 1pm-2:15pm. You will experience guided breath work and meditation followed by a series of yin and restorative poses led by Maryeth, one of our rehabilitation teachers.

This sequence is designed to encourage healing and balance in both mind and body. Poses will be seated and reclined with a focus on opening the heart. You will leave with several tools to help aid anxiety, depression and sleeplessness.

Maryeth A Loriaux

AcroYoga Fundamentals ~ Taking Flight!

with Tamara Vodovoz

June 22nd, 6:30 – 8:30pm

Investment: $30

Workshop details:

This workshop introduces the beginner to AcroYoga and provides key elements to find confidence in this practice.  We will break the ice and get comfortable with partner yoga practices as we embody the foundational skills of AcroYoga, such as: finding your center of gravity, aligning your bones with your partner, and efficient use of your strength. Come and enjoy an evening of group warm up games, building strength with partners, AcroYoga flying, and thai massage to seal the night in total bliss! 

What is AcroYoga?

AcroYoga is a partner practice that blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the kind touch of Thai Massage. This practice cultivates trust, playfulness, and community, while building strength, balance and flexibility. In AcroYoga we support and empower each other to reach new heights and celebrate the joy of embodiment. 

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I walked into Leap yoga in January of 2017.

I signed up online; avoided eye contact as I entered the lobby and set my mat in the darkest, farthest corner of the room. I was exhausted and depleted.

My personal practice had become stale and repetitive. The yoga classes I was teaching were steeped in dogma and rigidity. My monkey mind a constant flow of should not and do not. I had become obsessed with the “right” version of the pose and lost the curiosity and play that originally drew me to yoga.

Worst of all, I had stopped listening to my body. When a version of a pose hurt, I pressed on, usually followed by a bout of self deprecation like, “don’t be a wuss go into the fire.”

I judged my practice against the people around me. My lunges weren’t deep enough, my back bends inadequate. How could I ever reach enlightenment if I couldn’t even do a handstand?!

My practice reflected my life and my life reflected my practice.

Rigidity. Dogma. Self Hate.

Then, Aaron Pappas walked in to teach. I am forever grateful for the short time I was able to practice under Aaron.

He was funny, creative and open. Suddenly, I was exploring different versions of each pose. There was space for creativity and curiosity. I was challenged to listen to my body, it’s limitations and it’s desire for expansion.

I took these tools, openness, curiosity and fun off of my mat and out of the Leap studio.

My life began to reflect my practice. Curiosity replaced rigidity.

Creativity replaced dogma.

Self love replaced self hate.

Awareness. Healing. Change.

I’ve spent the last 18 months studying Yin Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Reiki and how the body stores trauma. I use all of these tools when teaching clients of Yoga Support.

Yoga Support is a nonprofit that helps brain surgery patients and those affected by traumatic brain injuries get their lives back.

Our patients often suffer from depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, managing emotions and the aftermath of traumatic events. We use yoga, meditation and breath work as tools to help alleviate these effects. 

Please join us for a 75-minute class on June 24th. You’ll experience elements of a Yoga Support session and leave with tools to take off of your mat and into your every day life.

Maryeth Loriaux

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for one year or 30 you’ll want to join Master Teacher Karen Miscall-Bannon in this two hour workshop. You will get to the “root” of your practice as Karen guides you in refining and aligning your poses by breaking them down into each component…finding the sukha and sthira (sweetness and steadiness) in each one…enabling you to take that body of knowledge into your regular practice!

Friday July 27 from 1:15pm to 3:15pm
$20 Advance Registration, $25 Day of Event Contact Karen if you have any questions @

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