Monthly Kundalini Classes with Rochelle Goehring

Monthly Kundalini Classes with Rochelle Goehring Fridays 6:30-8pm

Investment: $12

The classes are aligned with the Aquarian numerology of this year and will be 90-minutes in duration.  Each class will include an eleven minute symphonic gong bath for healing, balancing and sealing in the effects of the kryia and mediation.

May 11, 2018:  Spring Cleaning and Clearing

Clean the chakras and clear your subconscious to allow prosperity and happiness to bloom.  Release and let go of things that no longer serve you, clearing the path to cultivate your higher destiny.

June 8, 2018:  Opportunity and Green Energy Set

Approach prosperity from the heart center consciousness and expand the law of attraction.  Open up to attract prosperity and opportunities for yourself and those around you.

July 6, 2018: Mastery of Mental Clarity

Experience higher levels of lucidity and awareness in every aspect of your life.  Clear energetic debris, unlock the body meridians, clear the brain and expand your mental clarity.

Summary of Kundalini Yoga:

Kundalini Yoga, known as the yoga of awareness was brought to the west by Yogi Bhajan.  This style of yoga iincorporates yoga postures, kryias, dynamic breathing techniques and meditation with the goal to build physical vitality and increase consciousness.  At the end of each evening class, the effects of the kryia and mediation are sealed by a symphonic gong bath.  No prior yoga experience is necessary to participate and all ages are welcome.

Cacao Dream & Sound Journey with Winter Jendayi

Date: Saturday June 16th

Time: 6:30-8:30pm

Investment: $20/advance registration $25/walk-in


Open your heart with sacred cacao and journey with the beat of the drum to a place within where stillness is found. In this place there is Knowing, and we find surrender allowing ourselves to explore new dimensions, carried by the wings of music and purified by healing plants. In this space we find healing; cultivating trust in our allies as we receive insight and clarity from this realm to bring back with us into our daily lives.

Cacao, commonly used in and known as chocolate, is a medicinal plant from Central and South America which is traditionally used in ceremonies and assists in opening the heart.  Winter uses only medicinal-grade cacao sourced from a women’s collective in Guatemala. 

Shamanic journeying uses drum beats as a tool to induce alpha and theta brain waves guiding one into a deep state of relaxation and meditation. In this state, intuition is awakened, allowing access to symbols and memories which offer clarity, soul guidance and connection with inner wisdom.

Yin-Myofascial Release Fusion  2 day Workshop with Andi & Dan Donovan

Yin-Myofascial Release Fusion Workshop

Dates: Saturday, May19 and Sunday May 20, 2018

Time: 1:30-3:30 p.m. each day

Investment: $25 for each class or $45 for both days

No refunds on day of event.  Thanks for understanding!


Melt away tension and bring balance to your body.

This two-day workshop will blend traditional yin yoga and myofascial release techniques. Each 2-hour class you will be guided through a series of poses and techniques to effectively mobilize and hydrate soft tissues, ease tension and bring fresh blood flow to tired, stiff muscles. We will also discuss the uncanny parallels between the energetic meridian lines of traditional Chinese Medicine and the physical myofascial meridian lines of Western Medicine. This will be a slow-paced therapeutic class and each session will focus in-depth on select parts of the body. We will use various tools, props, and pranayama (breath-work) to explore commonly tight areas such as the hips, low back, neck and shoulders. We will also work with some of our lesser thought about, but equally worthy of our attention areas such as the hands and soles of the feet.

In this 2-day workshop you will:
-Slow down and tune-in

-Relax, release and hydrate your soft tissues
-Discover which yin postures and which myofascial release techniques are most effective for each meridian and fascial line

-Use techniques that will help balance the flow of energy, known as chi or qi (chee)

-Learn poses and techniques to support the health of your organs.

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing with Katie & Ray Wallen

Date: Sunday April 17th
Time: 7-8:30pm
Investment: $35/Advance Registration $40/Walk-In


Sound healing helps issues like stress, depression, or anxiety, and can bring a new sense of vitality. Sound waves can bring deep relaxation, with frequencies that are energy clearing of resistance or blockages in the physical, or subtle body. Ultimately, crystal singing bowls can help create room for what you want, by letting go of what you don’t want. By bringing balance to both brain hemispheres, allowing the body to reach a place of that deep relaxation where our healing truly can occur.

Chakras and Essential Oils with Gena Foreman

Sunday April 22
1pm – 3pm
$35 early registration, $40 day off

Each chakra correlates with physical, emotional and mental health. We will explore:

* The 7 main chakras & their functions.
* The color and sound associated with each chakra.
* Identify over active and under active chakras.
* Balance and awaken the chakras with special blended essential oils.
* Calm the chakras through Yin Yoga asana.
* Guided meditation to bring the energy of the body back into harmony.

Candles & Friday Night Yinyasa with Stacy Whittingham and Live Musicy by Michael Szeman

Date: Friday April 27th
Time: 6:30-8pm
Investment: $15/advance registration $20/door

Join us as we end our work week with a deep dive into candlelit bliss and relaxation. We will gently build heat with slower sequencing and pranayama and apply that sacred heat to enhance and facilitate deep yin postures. This practice will be accompanied by live music with Michael Szeman. Michael intuitively uses ancient and soothing sounds to help you relax and re-align your body with it’s divine inner wisdom. He incorporates instruments such as the handpan, acoustic guitar, Native American flute, didgeridoo, and more!

Traditional Hatha Yoga Workshop – Asana Intensive with Brian Festa
Date: Saturday, April 28th
Time: 12:30 – 3:30pm
Investment: $35

This comprehensive workshop covers over 30 therapeutic postures and sequences for focus, balance, strength, flexibility, and detoxification.  Taught in an ancient style of breathwork (Pranayama) while holding the asana’s steadily and comfortably for longer periods of time (Sthira Sukhasanam), we tap into the deepest cellular levels of the posture’s intended benefits and purpose.


In this workshop we will:
-Slow down
-Learn which asanas can be used for particular purposes:
Focus, balance, longevity, weight loss, digestion, stress reduction, detoxification, etc.
-Learn new tools to better utilize our breath and body awareness in each asana
-Develop a deeper understanding of the variations suitable for your individual body type.
-Leave with an expanded vocabulary of asanas for home practice (take-home notes/descriptions will be provided!)



Mantras, Music, and Ecstatic Kirtan with Brian Festa
Date: Saturday, April 28th
Time: 5:30-7:30pm
Investment: $20

Most of us can make sounds, speak, laugh, cry, sing… but do we ever use our voices to produce intentional sacred resonance?  A musician and vibrational astronaut of over 20 years, Brian will lead us through various methods of sacred vocal exercises, tuning into our very own vibratory resonance through repetition of sacred tones and mantras.

In this workshop we will:

-Discuss a brief history of Nada Yog, the practice of Yoga through sound and vibration.

-Learn toning techniques to reduce stress, calm the mind, and revitalize our energy centers through specific seed sounds and mantras.

-Investigate the feelings and releases accompanied by these ancient practices in a safe space.

5 years ago, I dedicated 2012 to building my relationship with and understanding of the Feminine Principle. In that year as I traveled with my partner, I studied and spent time with the works of spiritual teachers that deeply honor the feminine principles, such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Jesus the Christ, Paramahansa Yogananda, Eckhart Tolle, Mahatma Gandhi, Byron Katie, Ramana Maharshi and the Tao te Ching (one of my primary spiritual texts, dedicated to yin/feminine priciple). I also spent 2 months at Amma’s ashram in India, a county of people who have immense reverence for the feminine. On Winter Solstice at the end of the year I offered a workshop on the Divine Feminine. It was incredible to look back on how much my understanding and relating to the feminine both inside and outside of me grew. What I learned is the abandonment of reverence, honor and worship of the feminine principle is actually an act of self abandonment and a disconnect with Nature.
I shared with a woman who does healing work around sexuality with women and couples that I lead a workshop on the Divine Feminine. She laughed. This not only hurt my feelings, it showed me that she was mistaking women for the feminine. Unfortunately, this perspective polarizes people and ends up creating more separation than connection. The narcissism that sometimes comes out of goddess culture

does not look like balanced feminine, any more than overly soft men in this culture look like balanced masculine. For me honoring the feminine starts with honoring my body and the planet, and then moves into the realm of human relationship.
I understand that privilege has causes immense suffering for many, and nowhere is it more demonstrated that with white men.  I also recognize that to strongly identify as a gender or

race is what keeps us separate and in my experience, as well as the wisdom of my teachers, is the true cause of suffering.
Divinity is the power to create life, and life only happens in the present moment. I honor the trauma that each and every one of you has experienced, and I invite you to let it be, by joining me in the now as you . . . breathe in . . . and breathe out.

By James Kapicka,  a yoga ambassador, event producer and affection advocate with a passion for bringing people together to connect, learn and celebrate.


Channel Your Energy with Ghost Flower April 7-8

Meet GHOST FLOWER, the first ever high-performance activewear designed to get your Qi flowing. As a member of the Leap Community you are invited to be amongst the first to see the collection in person and even try the pieces on! The Ghost Flower team has also developed a new practice integrating yoga, channel-based stretching, and acupressure. Moving in the Ghost Flower Flow helps you channel your energy and renew your body! You will enliven your yoga postures, experience sophisticated movements, and be given the tools to understand and unlock your body’s energy network.


The Ghost Flower Practice:

Join Ghost Flower on the mat for a powerful movement practice. Ghost Flower is a brand with a different take on activewear that’s truly focused on wellness. Rooted in Chinese Medicine and inspired by the Five Elements, the Ghost Flower practice is distinctive. The Energy Channels mapped out by Ancient Chinese medicine, and now woven into the Ghost Flower apparel, will guide us in moving along and activating the channels in our body. Moving in the Ghost Flower Flow helps you channel your energy and renew your body. Enliven your yoga postures, experience sophisticated movements, and learn how to find acupressure points.

Saturday Class: Earth Element Flow and Pop-Up Shop

I Have Everything I Need
The Ghost Flower Earth flow is design to move you into a place of feeling grounded. A shift in perspective may be all you need to assure you that you can feel nourished and balanced.
Pop-Up Shop in lobby 9:00am-1:00pm
Public 75 min class 9:30-10:45am, Standard class rates apply.


Sunday Workshop: Intro to the Five Elements. Wood Element Flow & Pop-Up Shop

In this workshop, you will receive a brief introduction to each of the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine. The movement portion of the class will then focus on the Wood Element. Explore your courage and flexibility when you come up against rigidity. Activating the Wood Energy channels in your body will help you improve the health and flexibility across the back and sides of your hips. Wood Energy encourages you to move beyond a place of stiffness and emerge feeling malleable and strong.
Pop-Up Shop in lobby 10:00am-4:00pm
Workshop 1:00-3:00pm $25 Advance Registration/$30 Day of Event


Kaita Mrazek is is a PMA-certified Pilates Instructor, E-RYT 200 Yoga Instructor, and dancer. She is the Director of the Ambassador program for Ghost Flower Activewear, a company which uses their clothing to explore principles of Chinese Medicine in movement. In addition to her movement life, she is a visiting researcher at UCSB studying the limits of cognitive and neural plasticity. She is co-author of Presence of Mind, a book on mindfulness and meditation. She is most interested in helping students connect to their moving bodies, and use movement to find acceptance, curiosity, and celebration in the process.

So it’s time to come clean, spill the beans, let the cat out of the bag and make the global announcement that I am not a Yogi!. I AM NOT A YOGI. There it’s done, I have come out. I am sorry. The guilt is great and the compulsion to start is overwhelming. When I visit Leap Yoga Studio, I feel positively meek, uneducated and naive in this world of heath, philosophy, love, friendship and spirituality. Each taken individually, I can appreciate and perhaps hold a rudimentary, semi coherent conversation, maybe defining my views and ideals on each. Combined, the power is overwhelming and intellectually, though extremely attractive, somewhat daunting.

So who am I and what gives me the opportunity to have a blog posted on the Leap Yoga site. I am the artsy, cantankerous guy that is charged with marketing Leap. The one that when seated at Leap corporate meetings has the indefatigable and distinct impression that I need to work harder on myself, as I am obviously missing something. Impressions that cannot be ignored as I look around the table. I see Papa Yogi, Butch, senior to me by some 20 odd years, but with an aura, physique and outlook to which I can only aspire. Great start! Then I see Michèal, Cindi and Stacy. All loving, caring, warm hearted and beautiful. All at peace, warm, inviting, not at all the norm I find in the cold, hustle and bustle world of designing and marketing for businesses in industry. There must be something to this Yoga thing after all! Why is everyone so nice? Confusing – when I flip through cable news channels – I know that this cannot be the norm.

Get to the point, I sense you think. Leap has slowly been honing and building. The energy that Papa Yogi has shown, followed by Stacy (our elected Yoga Guru), Michèal (Kaiut Teacher, Yogi and Mrs efficiency) and Cindi (wiser than anyone I know, soon to be Kaiut teacher and Leap retail champion) is unique. Little by little through the challenges of life, I am astounded at the consistency of Leap’s vision. That to create a family within the community to share this precious gift which is Yoga. This beyond the importance of self interest, financial considerations and personal consequences. I am proud, though sometimes feel somewhat unworthy, to be associated with such a wonderful endeavor.

Perhaps you have noticed within the last year or so that Leap has evolved. This pursuit of community, wellness and inner peace has been the driver or mantra of Leap’s development. This is reflected in the quest for the very best Yoga teachers, those committed to the same philosophy and to the studio. Reflected also in the development of classes and schedules. The addition of Kaiut among others, dedicated to helping students improve their quality of life. Providing increased mobility, reduction of injury pain and improved heath for all protagonists.

Leap is so focused and designed to help the body and mind. Sometimes combining specific areas of interest to help focus student needs in becoming healthier, happier people.

Ok OK! why am I writing about this, probably the least qualified of all to do so? Well because to coincide with this spirit and to further champion what we are about, you may have noticed subtle changes in the way we are portraying ourselves. You may have seen changes on our facebook page and web. The logo changing to gold and red, to portray a less stark identity, to be reflective of the centuries old Yoga culture. To add to this there has been a slow simplification, but expansion of the site in general. Teacher training pages, pre & post natal sections, class banners, featured classes, easier pricing packages and others. All designed to convey our information as simply and easily as possible. The web is now more influential of information posted on our social media. Softer, warmer, more informative and dedicated to being the very best yoga experience in our sphere.

Our tag line is Leap, Yoga for Every Body. Yes we aim to bring the benefits to everybody and every body, even my body, so why not yours! Our brand is going through the same transformation, one of development and betterment. Our retail offering is being expanded with a range of custom shirts, clothing, mats, fragrances and products. The purpose again is to develop a unique offering, indicative of a blend of values that we like to think of as Yoga.

So whether in staff, teachers, environment, classes, workshops, teacher training, retail and now branding, we believe that it’s the little things, as well as the large, that demonstrate our commitment. The relentless desire to offer something truly unique, special and worthwhile within our community. To do this, we recognize that love is in the detail.

For further information about Leap Yoga, its classes and workshops, please visit our website

By Marco Ippaso – owner of MiDESign and Marketing Consultancy